Concentrated Liquid Detergent for hand dishwashing Can be used with hot or cold water Dishwashing Liquid is a cleaning agent for all makes of cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils etc. Areas for use: Domestic, Eateries & Hospitality Add 1 Tbs

Phosphate Free Fat Emulsifying Degreaser Excellent cleaner that dissolves fat and oil in cold water Clean oven, grills, pots, walls, tiles, floors and work surfaces. Can be added with Laundry Detergent or soak laundry , linen and cu

Cost effective as this product replaces the conventional multi-purpose cleaner and is a spot remover. All in one! Ominclean is formulated for use on all surfaces incl walls, floors, tiles, wood, shower wall, mildew on showers, stovetops, bathtub

                Efficient general duty cleaner Soft green gel with a fresh pine fragrance Suitable to clean all floor surfaces and washable hard surfaces such as walls, tiles& toi

                Bleach is used for the removal of stains, or whitens laundry. Bleach is not colorfast. This product should not be used on silk, wool, nylon or synthetic products.

                For use on most washable surfaces. Ideal for general cleaning Can be used full strength or diluted Available in 1L, 2L, 5L and 25L

For a cleaner and brighter toilet bowl Removes tough stains while deodorizing, leaving a fresh Herbal Pine fragrance Removes dirt and grime. Help prevent stains and keeps your toilet clean Available in: 750ml, 2L, 5L and 25L

Glass & Mirror Cleaner is formulated to clean glass, mirror and chrome Leaves everything shiny and streak-free Spray and wipe with a clean soft cloth Available in 750ml,1L,5L and 25L

Non-Caustic Alkaline Cleaner and Degreaser for Ovens and Grills. Most effective in undiluted form. For best results use a spray bottle. Available in 500ml, 2L, 5L and 25L

Use daily to refresh your pet area Neutralises odours particularly pet odours in the household environment Excellent for cleaning kennels & equipment The solution is ready to use and can be sprayed directly into the air or onto surface. The

No residue, sparkling fresh Great cleaning every time you use your dishwasher Available: 600g and 1kg